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 02.09.2014 - FiveTen Freerider Kids

We just got kids model of very popular FiveTen Freerider shoes, so now even small riders can experience these brilliant shoes with fantastic grip.

FiveTen Freerider Kids

 19.08.2014 - Closed on Friday, August 22th
We are very sorry, the DRESSLERshop in Prague will be closed this Friday, August 22th. We'll be all out of Prague. The shop will be opened again on Tuesday August 26th. Sorry for any inconvenience.
 07.08.2014 - Inspired Bicycles

Inspired bicycles released few new models of bikes. The most attractive is brand new model of Fourplay Pro coming in very nice colours. Another new model is cr-mo Console, which is a cheaper option to hi-end Arcade. Trialtech also released few hi-end competition bits, especially new single caged pedals and superlight hubs.

Inspired Fourplay Pro Trialtech SL Caged pedals Trialtech SL hubs

After Dressler Camp we still have few demo bikes left and we offer them for reduced price. Do not wait too long to get them!

 17.07.2014 - DC014 bikes

As same as every year, we are offering our Dressler Camp 014 demo bikes for reduced price. They are brand new, ridden just for six days. This year they are in better condition than in previous years and it is a great opportunity to get a new bike with discount. The first bikes we offer are Inspired Flow 24 and Monty 218Kamel. We got just a few bikes to offer so don't wait too long before you get them!

Inspired Flow 24 DC014 Monty 218Kamel DC014

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Freerider Teal/Grenadine shoes Magura HS33 '010 Easy Bleed seealing plug Five Ten Freerider Kids
Freerider Teal/Grenadine shoes
Click to view details. Magura HS33 '010 Easy Bleed seealing plug
Click to view details. Five Ten Freerider Kids
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15.00 Kč
1 650.00 Kč
New product New product New product

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Monty 9x155mm axle Alpinestars No Stop boots Onza Rip 2013
Monty 9x155mm axle
Click to view details. Alpinestars No Stop boots
Click to view details. Onza Rip 2013
Click to view details.
90.00 Kč
5 890.00 Kč
12 490.00 Kč
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