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 18.03.2014 - Inspired Skye

DRESSLERshop received amazing Inspired Skye Team bike which is awaiting few customers to take a look at it. We are looking forward to see it hitting Czech or Slovakian streets!

Inspired Skye Team

 26.02.2014 - TryAll, Jitsie, Onza

The calendar says it is winter, but we got spring temperatures outside and trials season is about to start very soon. We added few more TryAll parts to our product range. We have discounted Elite cranks, added Karbon fork, carbon bars, 120.9 freewheel, FIN gloves for a better price and 20" frame Sky 3. Another shippment we got came from Jitsie and their Airtime shoes are getting very popular. And the last shippment came from Onza containing Sting bike for kids and brand new Tyke for beginners. All these bikes and parts and many others can be seen and tested in our brick-and-mortar shop.

 12.02.2014 - Trialtech

We got another shippment of Inspired and Trialtech parts. We re-stocked popular HighRiser bars, Race platform pedals, titanium bolts M6x18 for hubs or stems, cheap but quality Race 116 rear hubs and Inspired integrated saddles.

 06.02.2014 - Inspired & Jitsie

We added few new parts  from Inspired bicycles and Jitsie. The most interesting are brand new super high riser  Arcade bars and new model of Sky Pro 24" bike. Jitsie offers new 108.9 freewheels in 18 and also 17T version. There are also cheaper Tr1al freewheels in 72.6 and 36.6 specification. Hopefully they will fill in the space between the cheapest, almost unusable, freewheels and expensive hi end models. There are few more new bits. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see more...

Inspired Skye Pro Jitsie 108.9 17T Jitsie 36.6 18T

New products

Five Ten Freerider Film Noir shoes 26" frame Hashtagg Raijin Hashtagg Raijin headset
Five Ten Freerider Film Noir shoes
Click to view details. 26" frame Hashtagg Raijin
Click to view details. Hashtagg Raijin headset
Click to view details.
2 450.00 Kč
18 900.00 Kč
390.00 Kč
New product New product New product

Dressler Weekend Camp women's t-shirt NS Bikes Quantum Soda Blue stem Hashtagg carbon bars
Dressler Weekend Camp women's t-shirt
Click to view details. NS Bikes Quantum Soda Blue stem
Click to view details. Hashtagg carbon bars
Click to view details.
250.00 Kč
1 320.00 Kč
3 490.00 Kč
New product New product New product

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Inspired 23T bashring HB CONDOR PL1 2005 Monty 221 T-shirt
Inspired 23T bashring
Click to view details. HB CONDOR PL1 2005
Click to view details.  Monty 221 T-shirt
Click to view details.
1 050.00 Kč
11 990.00 Kč
290.00 Kč

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