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 17.07.2014 - DC014 bikes

As same as every year, we are offering our Dressler Camp 014 demo bikes for reduced price. They are brand new, ridden just for six days. This year they are in better condition than in previous years and it is a great opportunity to get a new bike with discount. The first bikes we offer are Inspired Flow 24 and Monty 218Kamel. We got just a few bikes to offer so don't wait too long before you get them!

Inspired Flow 24 DC014 Monty 218Kamel DC014

 26.06.2014 - Dressler Camp 014

Dressler Camp 014 starts next week and the shop will be closed!! We're sorry for inconvenience and we hope to see you in Tanvald ;)


 19.06.2014 - Continental Air King MacAskill

Brand new Continental Air King MacAskill tyres and 20" Inspired Flow bikes are already on the way from UK and we'll be very happy to show you these sweet bits at Dressler Camp...

Continental Air King MacAskill  Inspired Flow 20

 04.06.2014 - ENDURA

Scottish clothing brand Endura has awesome products for a great price. I already use them for third season as well as my weekend camp mentors. We are really happy with it and it suits us :) Im happy that this company supports us and Im proud to say that we became one of Endura retailers.  You may find some of their products at ENDURA department of this shop. We got some of their stuff in stock already and some goods are on the way to us. Everything else can be ordered for you and can be with us within 5-10 working days. Meanwhile you can check all details about Endura's product range and the company itself at


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Inspired Flow 24 DC014 Trialtech SL Disc front hub 28/32H Inspired Flow 26
Inspired Flow 24 DC014
Click to view details. Trialtech SL Disc front hub 28/32H
Click to view details. Inspired Flow 26
Click to view details.
25 890.00 Kč
1 845.00 Kč
26 690.00 Kč
New product New product New product

Dressler Camp 014 T-shirt Trialtech SL 135 rear hub 32H Magura HS33'05 TPA kit
Dressler Camp 014 T-shirt
Click to view details. Trialtech SL 135 rear hub 32H
Click to view details. Magura HS33'05 TPA kit
Click to view details.
250.00 Kč
1 980.00 Kč
99.00 Kč
New product New product New product

Tips for you

TryAll shoes 20" front wheel Trialtech Sport HB Conform T-shirt
TryAll shoes
Click to view details. 20" front wheel Trialtech Sport
Click to view details. HB Conform T-shirt
Click to view details.
2 450.00 Kč
3 290.00 Kč
299.00 Kč

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